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Danielle & Robert (Rusnak & Lombari) 5/15/15-The Park Savoy
Erica & Joe (Dispenza & Carlino) 5/9/15-Richfield Regency
Donna & David (Braen & Ligieri) 5/9/15-The Tides
Ashley & Sean (Niler & McMahon) 4/19/15-Nanina's in the Park
Caitlin & Steven (Butters & Requena) 4/18/15-The Bethwood
Tricia & Keith (Bova & Betty) 4/17/15-Nanina's in the Park
Christine & Eric (Pasquale & Schwartz) 6/6/15-Nanina's in the Park
Elizabeth & Milton (Fernandez & Flores) 5/30/15-The Fiesta
Lindsey & Bradley (Mazur & Christensen) 5/30/15-The Park Savoy
Kristin & Brian (Fuardo & Tiffenbach) 4/24/15-Il Tulipano
Katie & Chad (McCartney & Wax) 4/25/15-Valley Regency
Jessica & Ryan (Mangrella & Beard) 4/26/15-The Mansion at Bretton Woods
Jeremy's Bar Mitzvah 5/16/15 Valley Regency